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Best music app alternatives to Spotify


Spotify has dominated the music streaming industry over the last few years, and it’s no surprise why. It has one of the largest collections of music of any streaming app, and a lot of options on how to play this music. Despite this, its popularity lets it outshine some of its competitors that are actually better in some ways.

Best music app alternatives to Spotify

SoundCloud Free Download ►

SoundCloud is basically the social media version of music streaming, similar to what MySpace was back in the day. You can upload and share music easily for free, while also following many other users as well. The app is also not very ad heavy, and you have the option to pay to remove the ads altogether.

Pandora Radio Free Download ►

The second most popular music app after Spotify, Pandora is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to make a playlist, and instead wants to listen to a radio station tailored directly to their music tastes. It’s great for choosing a radio station based on your mood, since you decide what kind of music each station plays.

Apple Music Free Download ►

With a huge selection of songs, and very little limitation in downloading any song you want to listen to, Apple Music is a great alternative if you are paying for your Spotify. It’s roughly the same price, but with more customizability when it comes to how you play your music offline.

iHeartRadio: Top Radio & Music Free Download ►

Similar to Pandora, iHeartRadio lets you listen to customize your own radio stations, as well as providing its own live radio stations.

Essentially the same concept of Spotify but with a different business model. While Spotify caters to record labels, Tidal caters to artists directly. This allows them to get some more indie artists, who potentially wouldn’t be on Spotify. It is worth checking out the free trial if you’re currently unsatisfied with your Spotify experience. Tidal was also created by Jay-Z, as an attempt to create a music streaming software that works well for both the consumers who use it, and the artists they sponsor.

For more great options, check out our Softonic Solutions page where our community suggests even more streaming services to choose from.

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