Google Play Basics Part 7: Remove or rename a device on Google Play

Google Play Basics Part 7: Remove or rename a device on Google Play

Many people with Android phones ask the same question: can I remove or rename a device I’ve added to Google Play? Like the other handy tips in our Google Play Basics series, we have the answer!

As with apps you install on your Android, Google also tracks the devices you register at the Play store. That’s because in addition to checking compatibility of a device, the Google store also automatically synchronizes your phone so that you can download and install new applications.

It turns out that there’s a limit to the number of devices that can be added to your Google account. If you’ve got multiple devices, this can become a bit of a problem. In some cases, it can even make downloading an application a big headache.

But there’s a solution, and in this article, we’ll show you what to do.

Removing a device

Start by logging into the Google Play site. Then click the gear symbol in the upper right hand corner and choose “Settings“:

The next screen will display all devices currently added to your account. Look for the “Visibility” column and when you spot the device you want to remove, simply uncheck the box labeled “Show in menu“:

After a few seconds, the device will no longer appear in your account. This will mean that you can only download applications to the devices that appear.

Renaming a device

Note that on the same screen, in the right-hand column, you’ll see “Edit” buttons. To rename a device, click the corresponding button and type the desired device name in the “Namefield, exactly as shown in the picture:

After renaming your Android device, click “Update” and you’re done!

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