Google Play Music and Sound Search available for Google Glass

Google Play Music and Sound Search available for Google Glass

Google’s experimental eyewear has been updated to support sound search and Google Play Music. Now Google Glass users can quickly search for a currently playing song using Google’s sound search (same as the feature in Google Search) and can start playing music from Google Play Music All Access.

Google Glass music running

To search what song is currently playing, simply trigger Google Glass by saying, “OK Glass,” followed by “What song is this?” Google will use the mic on Glass to sample part of the song to match with its database and will provide the artist name, album name, and album art.

Users can also play music from Google Play Music All Access by saying, “OK Glass, listen to [artist name]” and music will begin playing. These two commands join the expanding lists of commands that Glass recognizes like “take a picture,” “send a message,” “or “navigate to.”

Google is introducing a pair of stereo earbuds that can be plugged into Glass so users can listen to music in stereo. Currently, Glass only comes with a mono ear bud, which is useful for making and receiving calls but not ideal for listening to music.

To hype up the new music features of Google Glass, the company has enlisted the help of record producer and audio engineer, Young Guru. The video below shows Guru walking around LA, sampling music, and streaming music to his pair of Glass.

Google Glass is still in beta but you can sign up to be added to the list to buy a pair.


Source: New York Times

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