Google Play Services

Google Play Services Varies with device

Powerful Google service that enhances your app experience

Google Play Services is used to update Google services and apps from the company's Play Store.

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  • Allows for improved app experiences
  • Saves you updating the Android OS often
  • Avoids problems of fragmentation of the OS
  • Without it Google services won't work!


  • Could drain your battery


Google Play Services is used to update Google services and apps from the company's Play Store.

Pre-installed on Android devices

The app is now a critical part of the Android experience and comes automatically installed on new phones with Google's operating system (OS). If you're running an older phone, you can download it from the Play Store.

It allows Google and third-party developers to update core Google-dependent functionality of their apps. It can update Android settings without the need for an OS update.

Behind the scenes help

Google Play Services runs behind the scenes, improving your app experience with things like faster searches, better maps integration, and improved Wallet support. If you disable the service you may not be able to update your apps.

Improves Android experience

If you have an Android phone then you will want to take advantage of the functionality in this app to make sure you get the best experience from your device.

Google Play services is used to update Google apps and apps from Google Play.

This component provides core functionality like authentication to your Google services, synchronized contacts, access to all the latest user privacy settings, and higher quality, lower-powered location based services.

Google Play services also enhances your app experience. It speeds up offline searches, provides more immersive maps, and improves gaming experiences.

Apps may not work if you uninstall Google Play services.

Google Play Services


Google Play Services Varies with device

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    yes i do.
    so good thank you so much google for everything.i love it google servise
    Cons: nothing.   More