Oxford Dictionary of English FREE help and info

  • Are there any hidden charges associated with Oxford Dictionary of English FREE for Android ?

    As the title suggests, the basic version of this software package is free to install. However, the ability to access more advanced features will require a one-time payment. This is sometimes referred to as a "freemium" product.

  • Will new words be added to Oxford Dictionary of English FREE for Android on a regular basis?

    This smartphone dictionary will automatically update itself when new words become available. This is due to the fact that the bundle is directly associated with the Oxford University Press. The standard version provides all updates on a regular basis.

  • Is Oxford Dictionary of English completely safe for me to download?

    Softonic goes to great lengths in order to ensure that all programs are free from viruses and similar threats. This is also why it is a good idea to download such a software package from a trusted provider.

  • Can I perform a voice search with Oxford Dictionary of English?

    One of the most recent enhancements associated with this Oxford English dictionary is that you are provided with the ability to search for a word with your voice. This is a great option if you happen to be out and about.

  • What is new in the latest version of Oxford Dictionary of English?

    Several improvements have been made. Notwithstanding an updated database, the package is now compatible with Android 8 operating systems. Additional changes include a handful of bug fixes,a camera-powered word search and more compact audio files.

  • Can I listen to audio pronunciations with Oxford Dictionary of English?

    There are more than 75,000 different audio pronunciations which can be accessed. Many of these include regional dialects and phrasal expressions. However, this is only available with the premium version.

  • How many words are contained within Oxford Dictionary of English?

    There are currently well over 350,000 words available within this Oxford English dictionary. As mentioned previously, this number will continue to increase on a regular basis.

  • Is there a version of Oxford Dictionary of English designed for iOS systems?

    You will be happy to learn that a variant of this electronic dictionary is available for those who have iOS-powered devices. Simply click on the link immediately beside the standard Softonic download page. You will be immediately taken to the appropriate section in order to initiate the download.

  • Can I personalize the themes associated with Oxford Dictionary of English?

    There are four different themes to choose from. These can be welcome options if you have been looking to streamline search features as well as to adjust visual elements such as skins. You can also choose whether or not you wish to have a dictionary widget on your homepage.

  • What benefits does the premium version offer?

    There are several options provided with the premium version. Some examples include "wild card" searches, the ability to translate entries found within other applications, priority customer support and an offline mode if you happen to be outside of a reliable wireless signal.