Very good

Steam on Android is a mobile gateway to your account on Steam.

The app allows you to browse your account, chat with friends, read news feeds, and purchase games. Steam accesses the cloud digital download service and allows you to do almost everything but play games.

Directed toward gamers who want to be up-to-date with sales, new releases, and talking with friends, Steam is a perfect tool to use. It uses the recognizable Steam theme, and most options are found in the settings. Steam is easy to use and does not contain confusing menus. Navigation is also simple.

But Steam really only has mobile access to the service and does not have many additional functions. You can participate in the community, but the biggest lacking feature is the ability to play games. Unlike OnLive, Steam is an online portal rather than a gaming service like the desktop app.

Steam is a great tool for PC gamers, but needs the ability to actually play games.



Steam 1.1.10

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